Cyclist vs. Driver in Viral Video That Shows Near-Hit

The driver says the cyclist smacked his car before the near hit occurred.

A viral video showing a car veering and nearly hitting a cyclist in Glendale Monday pitted the driver against the cyclist, both arguing over what really happened.

Both men, the driver behind the wheel and the cyclist, disagree over the near hit that can be seen in the YouTube video.

"It was definitely intentional," the cyclist who shot the video and didn't want to be identified said.

The cycling community was outraged over the video that shows a dark Audi swerving toward a cyclist on Chevy Chase Drive. The driver of the Audi also did not wish to be identified.

The driver said it was he who was attacked, and he was simply reacting.

He said he honked at the cyclist as he drove by, and then he heard something hit his car. He said he tried to immediately pull over because he thought a collision occurred. 

"In fact, I tried to slow down and then my attention was all on this guy assaulting me. I was just trying to get away from him," the driver said.

The battle between cyclists and drivers is nothing new to the driver, who himself is a former cyclist, he said.

"But there are a few on Chevy Chase Drive who are really obnoxious," the driver said.

The cyclist who shot the video agreed with the driver to a point.

"There are bad drivers in cars, and bad drivers on bikes, but the whole thing is we share the road," the cyclist said.

Both the driver and the cyclist have filed police reports with the Glendale Police Department.

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