Father of Woman Charged With Murder of Granddaughter Speaks Out

Nicole Yanick Darrington is accused of fatally stabbing a grandchild and wounding two other family members

The father of a woman accused of stabbing her daughter and her two baby girls, one fatally, said Thursday she is paranoid schizophrenic and has a violent history, which includes trying to kill two of her children in 2005.

Samuel Clark spoke out as his daughter, Nicole Darrington-Clark, 43, appeared in court tired and confused to face murder and attempted murder charges in a San Bernardino County courtroom.

"Don't put her prison because it's not her fault," Samuel Clark said. "She's mentally disturbed. With the proper treatment and proper medication, she would have been fine."

After being sentenced to 34 years to life at Patton State Hospital, Samuel Clark says his daughter got the medication and treatment she needed.

He says she married another patient and had a boy who is now 5 years old.

Darrington was eventually released as an outpatient and, according to her father, did extremely well while under the close supervision of a mental health program.

"She had to go to the program once a week and she had to see a psych once a week," he said. "Everything was beautiful."

But Samuel says that program recently shut down, leading Darrington-Clark to abuse drugs and alcohol to help her deal with the voices in he head.

Samuel says it got so bad. Darrington's 5-year-old son was eventually taken away from her. And that made her furious.

"I think she just wanted to hurt something and she didn't care what it was," Samuel Clark said.

Samuel believes his daughter took out her anger on her daughter and grandchildren, which is why he says she needs to be in a psychiatric hospital, not prison.

"All I want to do us save her life and give her another chance to maybe at least ask god to forgive her," he said. "Because if she don't get no medication she will be lost for life."

Darrington faces one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder. Her bail has been set at more than $3 million.

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