Community Concerned Over Potential Crossing Guard Budget Cuts in Moreno Valley

About 40 crossing guards could be out of a job, leaving traffic safety up to students and parents if city officials give the green light to cut funding for the program this week.

Parents have expressed concern about the pending cuts and consider the proposal a dangerous idea that places children's safety in jeopardy.

The Moreno Valley City Council voted Sept. 22 to cut about $550,000 from the fiscal budget, which was allocated into the Summer of 2016. Officials said the city can no longer afford other projects.

Several parents have started a petition and some community members were expected to speak during a discussion Tuesday at City Hall.

City officials said they want the school district to foot the bill for the program.

School officials said they were surprised by the council members' idea and aren't sure if they have enough money to fund the program.

Butterfield Elementary, Bear Valley Elementary and Seneca Elementary School are among 27 schools in Moreno Valley that could be affected. Some of those schools are considered to be in heavy traffic areas. 

If the budget cuts are approved, the crossing guards could lose their jobs as early as Oct. 31. The crossing guards would be removed from their posts no later than Dec. 31.

The Moreno Valley City Council will meet again Tuesday night for another vote on the proposed budget cut.

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