Workers Hurt in Floor Collapse at Downtown LA Construction Site

The collapse occurred due to the failure of floor supports, officials said

Six workers were hurt when the second floor of a building under construction in downtown Los Angeles collapsed Wednesday, fire officials said.

The incident took place at a four-story construction site at 1000 S. Olive St. at around 7 p.m, said Brian Humphrey of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

At least five workers were taken to the hospital, but no one was seriously injured, officials at the scene said. Workers were pouring concrete on a wooden frame when the floor buckled.

In total 35 firefighters attended the scene to aid the rescue effort.

Initially it was thought the incident was caused by structural collapse, however it was later discovered it had occured due to the failure of floor supports. It caused the freshly poured concrete floors to come crashing down.

Aerial footage taken by NewsChopper4 showed workers on gurneys being loaded onto the back of ambulances.

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