Here's How 3 Grocery Delivery Apps Compare by Fastest Delivery and Cost

Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid crowded aisles and long lines at the checkout? 

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If you’ve got a jam-packed day, it might be a good idea to get some help with your errands -- like grocery shopping.

Most stores in our area offer delivery services.  Just buy what you want on the app, pay for it, and someone brings the food right to your door.

But which one should you choose?

Here’s how three of the most popular grocery delivery services compare.

In an experiment, Randy Mac uses three different apps: Ralphs, Vons, and Walmart.

He orders the exact same groceries from each to see which store delivers them fastest, and who has the lowest price.

He orders the things most of us consider essentials, like produce, milk, cereal, ice cream, and even toilet paper.  

Then he selects the fastest delivery available.  


Ralphs says the delivery will come within two hours. Turns out, the delivery man arrives within one hour.

Randy Mac checked what arrived: his got his eggs, and none were broken. The ice cream was in the order as well, and not soupy. 

Next up -- Walmart.  

Walmart said the delivery would arrive between four and five hours after it was ordered.

The delivery man is right on time.

Everything Randy Mac ordered was there. However, Randy did ask them not to substitute any items if what was requested wasn’t available. Charmin Ultra Soft was in the order while Randy had originally selected Ultra Strong.

When NBCLA asked Walmart about the substitution, a spokesperson told us they “appreciate all of the feedback that helps us continue to provide the best experience for…customers.”

Last up: Vons

Their delivery window was the latest, about seven to eight hours after the order was placed. The delivery man also arrives on schedule.

One problem: They didn’t have Lunchables in stock, so they didn’t charge for it. But they did charge .42 cents for bananas.  It’s not a lot of money, but the bananas were not there.

In a statement, Vons apologized and said they’d “be happy to provide free delivery” of our missing bananas.

But what about the prices?  

Walmart’s total, including delivery fees, was definitely the lowest at $63.55.

Ralphs delivered fastest, and their price was in the middle at $79.31.  

Vons was not only the last delivery, but was by far the highest price at $89.84.

That’s more than $26 higher than Walmart.

Vons said “most customers…find additional savings…by linking their club card, taking advantage of items that are on sale…online-only discounts, or…various free delivery programs.”  

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