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Contractor Caught on Home Security Camera Creeping Through Children's Clothing

The repairman was at the Playa Vista home to fix a hardwood floor

A contractor was caught on camera creeping through children's clothing at a home in Playa Vista.

The repairman came to Jason Cooper's condo to fix several scratches in the hardwood floors. But Cooper could never fathom what he would later find on his security camera, which is positioned in clear view on his daughter's crib.

The man rummages through a hamper shared by both Cooper's daughters and appears to pocket their underwear.

"When I saw the video I didn't know what do," Cooper said. Cooper says he only stumbled on the video by chance. As soon as he saw it, he called the handyman.

He said that when he told the man he had the video, the man gasped.

Cooper filed a police report and police were investigating what crime, if any, occurred.

The handy man did not return calls and emails seeking comment.

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