Cops Visit Same Pot Shop in Less Than 2 Months

A medical marijuana clinic was visited by Santa Ana police Wednesday for the second time in less than two months.

It is the same clinic that released video from a raid that attorneys for the clinic say shows some of the officers eating marijuana edibles.

Police say the owners of Sky High Holistic were put on notice.

They were warned they were operating illegally and Wednesday they were served with a search warrant.

The 17th Street store was boarded up and red tagged by city code enforcement officers. But it was police who showed up just before the store opened to serve a search warrant Wednesday.

They say the dispensary was selling online, over the phone and to an undercover officer after they had been closed down.

This comes on the heels of accusations by an attorney for Sky High that Santa Ana police can be seen on video, allegedly eating marijuana edibles.

This is edited video from May while 13 officers were serving another search warrant. Three of those officers are being investigated by internal affairs.

Richard Chand, a security guard at the dispensary, said the officers again wore masks and spent hours inside the building.

"They took computers. They took the towers," Chand said. "They came out with a bunch of brown bags."

Anthony Bertagna, a Santa Ana Police Department spokesman, said there was no breaching into the business and no one was arrested.

"The officers did what they had to do," he said. "Now they're closed again. Hopefully they'll understand that it's against the law in the city of Santa Ana to operate a dispensary."

There is a lottery to obtain one of about a dozen medical marijuana dispensary licenses after voters agreed to allow pot sales with certain restrictions.

The owners of Sky High did not win one of those spots and have accused the mayor of "rigging" the system.

There is a lawsuit pending against the city on the issue. Police say none of the winners has finished the process, so in theory there should not be any open doors yet.

Police estimate there are at least 50 dispensaries operating right now, unlicensed.

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