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‘Complete Utter Chaos': Corona Man Grateful to Have Survived Las Vegas Shooting

Recovering from a bullet that went through his leg, Corona resident Aaron Jenkins says he is grateful to have survived Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, that left dozens dead and hundreds injured.

"I didn’t realize I was hit … I just knew I couldn’t move my leg."

During the "complete utter chaos," he became separated from his wife Jessica.

"I looked around for him and I couldn’t find him. The thought that you’re leaving behind somebody and you don’t know what to do but you’ve got to duck and cover because you don’t know what’s coming next," Jessica Jenkins said tearfully.

Others described a similar experience.

"While we were running, the second and third clips were put in and you could hear the gunfire just all the way through," Irene Schmarmack said.

After four hours of searching, Jessica finally found her husband. He had been taken to a hospital in the back of a pickup truck.

"I could not believe the human spirit and the kindness. Everybody was helping everybody," Jenkins said.

Sadly, not everyone could be helped.

Family members confirmed that 40-year-old Rocio Guillen of Eastvale did not survive. She had recently gotten engaged and had just given birth a few months ago to her fourth child.

For those who did survive, words cannot describe how grateful they are to come home.

"Undoubtedly blessed. I think everybody we talked to that made it through feels the same way," survivor David Schmarmack said.

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