What LA County's New Coronavirus Isolation and Quarantine Orders Mean for You

The new orders are designed to protect the county's most vulnerable residents from COVID-19


New orders regarding self-isolation and self-quarantine measures were announced Friday morning by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

The new orders are meant to protect vulnerable individuals, like seniors, from the spread of the COVID-19 virus, which has killed more than 20 people in LA County.

LA County Public Health officials also announced Friday that beaches and beach access points, trails, and bike paths were all closing to slow the spread of coronavirus and discourage gatherings.

Anyone told by a clinician they a presumed to be positive for COVID-19 are required to self-isolate for at least three days without symptoms, including being fever free without taking medicine, and seven days since symptoms started, whichever is longer, the health department said.

Anyone who has been in close contact with someone who is positive or presumed positive also must quarantine for 14 days from the last time they had contact with the ill person.

“It is critically important that everyone adheres to all the social distancing measures and practice good public health hygiene, including washing hands as frequently as possible,” said Dr. Barbara Ferrer, director of the L.A. County Department of Public Health. “Individuals covered by these Orders should still contact their providers to get advice if they feel their symptoms are worsening."

Here are the key differences between self-quarantine and self-isolation and what the new order means for residents. 

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