Coronavirus Outbreaks Spread to 11 LA County Nursing Homes

More than 400 long-term care centers nationwide reported cases of COVID-19 this week


Coronavirus outbreaks were reported this week at 11 Los Angeles County nursing homes where residents, many with underlying health conditions, are among those most vulnerable to the deadly new virus.

The number is nearly quadruple that of nursing home outbreaks county officials had announced on Friday. The county defines an outbreak as three or more cases involving residents or staff at a facility.

The county's Department of Public Health was also investigating reports of at least one suspected coronavirus infection at seven additional nursing homes as of Monday afternoon. Of the county's 44 deaths from coronavirus, six were nursing home residents.

More than 400 long-term care facilities throughout the county have residents infected with COVID-19, a jump of 172 percent from 146 on Monday, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Those figures are expected to keep rising.

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