How Coronavirus Changed Things for a Man With Kidney Disease

Glen Paterson worries that even if he finds a kidney donor, the focus on COVID-19 will delay his chance of a transplant.

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A Ventura man with a chronic kidney disease hopes that a message on his SUV will help him find a new kidney. But even if he does, the coronavirus pandemic makes his future far from certain.

Glen Paterson was diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease more than two years ago. It wasn't until late 2019 that he decided to go public with his need for a kidney. He started using his red SUV to "advertise" for a kidney donor.

Paterson said beyond looking all throughout Southern California for a donor, he is taking all the precautions necessary.

"I'm looking for a kidney donor," Paterson said. "And people ask me so what do you do? And I'm training for my kidney transplant. I do the home dialysis treatment."

By doing so, Paterson avoids going to a treatment center multiple times a week like so many other kidney dialysis patients must do and limits his exposure to the outside world. But he worries, even if a donor is found, the focus on COVID-19 will delay his chance of a transplant.

" I guess the heart of my fears is, I don't want to die on dialysis," Paterson said. "The whole COVID 19 thing has kind of put the kibosh on everything, all surgeries are cancelled for the time.

But Paterson said he has plans for the future.

"I want to be of service," said Paterson. "I want to change peoples lives."

He said search for a new kidney is the most important job he has to do and he will not be derailed by COVID-19.

"We'll get through this," Paterson said. "It's going to be an amazing thing and I know it's going to happen."

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