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COVID Stopped the Wedding, So They Brought the Wedding to Grandma

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A bride and groom-to-be planning a big traditional wedding for Labor Day with 150 friends and family members had their dreams dashed when they had to cancel because of the coronavirus pandemic, but then they decided to focus on what was important to them -- and bring the wedding to grandma. 

The bride and groom knew wherever they held their wedding, it would have to be focused on health and safety. Both had a special guest in mind: G.J., as they call her, who lives in Park Vista Health Center, an assisted living facility in Fullerton. 

They invited only 15 people, and made sure they sat six feet apart outdoors. This way Jerry Goss could watch her granddaughter become a wife.

Goss says she felt a bond with her grandchild Kirsten from the moment she was born.

“She was an easy child, a very loving child,” Jerry said. 

Kirsten, now a 31-year old criminal defense lawyer, says the connection was mutual.

“She has the wisdom of somebody twice her age and the spirit of someone half her age,” Kirsten said. 

To honor the 89-year old they brought the wedding to her. 

Weddings held on a relatives’ birthday are a tradition in this family -- one passed on through generations.

“We’re all going to remember 2020 for a lot of terrible reasons so we wanted to give everybody a safe and positive thing to take away,” groom Steve Shoemaker said. 

Officials say there has not been a single case of COVID-19 at the facility. The new Mr. and Mrs. hope by doing what they did today, it will remain that way.

“It’s definitely a reminder of what's important and how special it is that when you boil it down to what really matters,” Kirsten said. 

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