Pandemic Accelerates in US With ‘Third Peak' of Infections

NBCUniversal Media, LLC

The pandemic is accelerating as the United States climbs the third peak of COVID-19 infections that public health experts have been warning about, according to NBC News' latest analysis.

In the last two weeks, the 781,142 confirmed cases of coronavirus reported nationwide was an 18.5 percent jump over the previous two weeks, the figures showed.

And in four of the last seven days there were more than 60,000 cases reported -- something that has not happened since the end of July.

It was grim confirmation of the alarm that Dr. Anthony Fauci and other pandemic experts have been sounding for days while President Donald Trump, back on the campaign some two weeks after he was hospitalized with COVID-19, has been trying to convince the country that “we’re rounding the turn.”

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