Property Tax Deadline is Still April 10 Despite Coronavirus Pandemic

The deadline is still April 10.

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Despite the federal tax deadline being moved back to July, the property tax deadline across California is still April 10.

The Orange County Tax Collector announced Wednesday that she is willing to waive penalties as allowed by existing state law. But it won't be an easy process.

One man told NBCLA that he thought he had one extra month to pay his property taxes. He was wrong. Officials said there is no extension despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Taxes are due by April 10 of this year.
  • If you pay by credit or debit card, those fees still apply; 2.25% fee will be added to the bill.
  • Only after April 11 can you apply for a penalty cancellation.
  • No single county or city can change the deadline, only the state.

Dr. Pascal Juang said he was stunned to see a letter from the tax collector saying there is no way around the April 10 deadline.

"I heard 25% of people are out of work, so I think we need to think about people who are not in a good situation and be empathetic to what's going on," said Juang.


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However, authorities say taxes are one of the largest single revenue sources for the government and fund much needed public services like law enforcement and firefighters.

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