Safe Playdates: What Parents Need To Know As Social Distancing Rules Relax

Dr. Tanya Altmann of Calabasas Pediatrics shares tips for safe playdates.

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California and Los Angeles are starting to open back up this week. And many parents who have been social distancing for the last 3 months are now finding themselves at a loss when trying to safely enter the world again with their kids. 

Dr. Tanya Altmann of Calabasas Pediatrics says there are some tips you can use to safely set up playdates to give your kids healthy interactions with other kids. Dr. Altmann says some families have been quarantined with another family or other family members and have had the benefit of some social interaction. But others have kept a strict social distance and are now looking to get social, safely of course.

Dr. Altmann says social interaction, even if it’s just limited to one or two friends, can have a positive impact on your child's mental health. And now that the state has begun a partial reopening, there is an opportunity for kids to play together safely. 

Dr. Altmann's recommendations for safe playdates:

  1. Play outdoors
  2. Wash hands frequently
  3. Wear masks
  4. Choose friends you know have also been quarantined
  5. Keep a few feet away during play
  6. Stay home if you or your child is sick or has a fever
  7. Don’t share supplies or toys
  8. Don’t share food or drinks
  9. Try activities like swimming, kickball or a bubble machine


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