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Stylists Plead, ‘Don't Touch Your Hair!'

“Do not put any chemicals in your hair, do not get on YouTube, do not believe what the box says!”

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If our patience is measured by the length of our hair, then a lot of us are getting very impatient during the coronavirus pandemic.

People at home have been trying their hand at cutting hair, even NBCLA’s Jonathan Gonzalez -- to disastrous results. 

“Wait! Wait! Do not do this yourself!” said Rashard Marshell, a Los Angeles hairstylist and salon owner. “Right now, I just tell everyone to go natural. Just go wild. Let it grow out.” 

Marshell understands how frustrating this all is for people desperate for a haircut.

“A lot of things we hear from our clients are, ‘Wow, I didn’t know your job was this hard. I didn’t know it took this much skill,’” he said,  

Even the simpler haircuts are tough. An Anaheim man’s wife tried her cutting his hair and it came out OK-ish.

But their once-beautifully groomed dog got it a lot worse. 

“A lot of our clients now are really just appreciating us! Like, you need us!” Marshell said. 

Hairstylist Megan Moriana says they’re just as frustrated, thinking it could be months before shops reopen.  

“I really need my hair done also. So, I feel everyone else. It’s hard waiting,” she said. “It’s quite funny. I’m sorry they tried to do it themselves, which is a big no-no.”

Going to get your hair done is such an experience.

 “I know what your kids are doing, what your wives are doing, what your husbands are doing, I know who at work is getting on your nerves,” Marshell said. 

But if you’re stressing about your roots growing in or your color fading, the experts say just keep waiting it out, and remember to keep some perspective.

“Do not put any chemicals in your hair, do not get on Youtube, do not believe what the box says!” Marshell said, emphatically. 

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