Thinking of Traveling to Mexico During the Pandemic? CDC Tells Americans to Stay Home

The World Health Organization pointed out that Mexico ranks fourth worldwide for deaths related to COVID-19.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended on Tuesday that Americans avoid traveling to Mexico during the pandemic because the country is at Level 4, the highest risk assessment level.

As of March, the governments of Mexico and the United States have implemented land restrictions in force until Dec. 21 for non-essential travel. However, airlines have added additional flights, due to high demand despite the fact that entry to the country is only allowed to citizens and residents.

Despite the pandemic, dozens of passengers lined up Tuesday at Los Angeles International Airport to travel to Guadalajara, Mexico.

"This is chaotic, but it really is an emergency," said Ángel Solís, who is traveling to Mexico to visit his ill brother who is also disabled.

Others travelers mentioned they were traveling for pleasure.

"We are going to a wedding, a quinceañera, as well as visiting my family," said Lucia Rivas.

In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the CDC recommended Tuesday that Americans avoid travel to Mexico.

The World Health Organization pointed out that Mexico ranks fourth worldwide for deaths related to COVID-19.

WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom said the first question to ask is, "Do you have to travel?" He also urged the Mexican government to take the pandemic seriously. Meanwhile, the CDC also recommended those returning from or traveling to Mexico to undergo a COVID-19 test and quarantine while waiting for the results.

“Please do not travel if it is not essential. It is important for people to know that this puts you at risk when you are away from home in other places,” said Monica Morales, deputy director of the California Department of Public Health Center for Healthy Communities.

Morales also reminded residents to self-quarantine upon returning home.

"For 14 days when you return, do not be with people who did not travel with you," Morales said.

One of the attractions of traveling to Mexico is that it does not require Americans to show the results of a negative test. Morales recommends not to travel for the holidays, but if you do, “Avoid a large gathering of 50 or 20 people. Wear your mask every time you are outside your house, practice social distancing and wash your hands.”

Mexican authorities, through their consulates, have also sent a message to their citizens asking them to avoid unnecessary trips to Mexico. If you do find yourself traveling, remember that travelers arriving at LAX must fill out a form pledging to quarantine upon arrival.

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