Porsche Reached 100 MPH in Crash That Killed Paul Walker, Friend

Actor Paul Walker and Roger Rodas were killed Nov. 30 after a charity event north of Los Angeles

Crash investigators' statements included in final coroner's reports released Friday in the deaths of actor Paul Walker and a friend indicate they were traveling at about 100 mph in a high-performance Porsche before the crash north of Los Angeles.

Details about the car's speed are included in several documents released Friday related to the Nov. 30 crash that killed the 40-year-old "Fast and the Furious" actor and friend Roger Rodas, 38. The two had just left a charity event about 30 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles when the Porsche Carrera GT driven by Rodas crashed at high speed into a light pole and tree before its wreckage burned.

A deputy at the crash site reported that the driver lost control of the vehicle "for unknown reasons." The report also indicated the vehicle was traveling at an "unsafe speed of 100+" on a slightly curving street in an industrial park area.

Curved skid marks led from the street on an embankment, according to the accident report.

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The vehicle struck a sidewalk and the driver's side hit a tree, then the light post, according to investigators' statements in the coroner's report. The force of the impacts caused the car to spin 180 degrees and the passenger's side struck a tree befor the car burned, according to the report.

Both men died at the scene, their charred remains found in the car's two seats.

Investigators found no evidence of mechanical problems with the mid-engined, 600-horsepower -- about 400 more than a base model 2014 Toyota Camry -- supercar and ruled out debris in the roadway as a factor.

Friday's report, as did an earlier report issued after the December autopsies, states that Walker's died from the combined effects of trauma and burn injuries in the fiery crash. The cause of death for Roger Rodas, confirmed to be the driver, was determined to be multiple traumatic injuries.

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