Los Angeles

Councilman Calls for “Marijuana Amnesty Boxes” at LAX

Recreational use of marijuana is legal in California but even possession of the plant is considered illegal on the federal level

Councilman Mitchell Englander, on Friday, intends to introduce legislation calling for the installation of "marijuana amnesty boxes" at Los Angeles International Airport.

Of course, Friday is considered an unofficial marijuana holiday, "4/20," but the councilman is working in an official capacity to help clarify the shades of gray that travelers encounter when they leave Los Angeles, a city where adults age 21 and older can use, purchase, possess and even grow a certain amount of the federally prohibited plant.

"We want to make sure that residents and visitors to Los Angeles can enjoy a bummer-free experience at our airport," Councilman Englander said in a statement released by his office on Friday. "And while it is not encouraged that travelers have marijuana on their person when they arrive at LAX, this motion provides an easy remedy for the occasions when this does occur so that flyers can stay on the right side of the law. This legislation sends the message: surrender your supply before you fly."

Currently, people that mistakenly carry any amount of cannabis to LAX can be subject to a verbal warning, fine or even arrest due to the federal law on the substance. The "marijuana amnesty boxes" would provide the option to surrender marijuana without penalty at the airport.

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