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“It Has to Go Home”: Couple Searches for Owner of Lost World War II Scrapbook

When Bill Krantz happened upon a battered book with broken binding during a long bike ride in Pasadena, he immediately knew he had found something precious.

In its pages, the real life story of a man, perhaps in his 90s, who fought in World War II. Black-and-white photos with handwritten captions give a glimpse into the life of a soldier more than 70 years ago.

“This is important for somebody,” Krantz said. “This is a lifetime of memories.”

That somebody is Albert Ortiz of Los Angeles, said Krantz and his wife, Martine Alter.

“It’s a little slice of history, it can’t be lost,” Alter said. “It has to go home.”

Within hours, the couple put up flyers and posted photos of the book on Craigslist, hoping to find Ortiz or someone related to him.

“Somebody’s whole war experience is in that book,” Krantz said.

As the couple waits for a possible bite, they have gently combed through the pages hoping to find clues as to where he might be.

“I hope this guy is still alive so that I can shake his hand,” Alter said.

The couple is asking anyone who knows Albert Ortiz to email Alter at M.Alter@sbcglobal.net.

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