Co-workers Mourn Mother Killed in High-Speed Crash on Temecula Freeway

The impact sent a car flying off the freeway and into the Temecula City Hall parking structure.

The woman killed in an explosive high-speed crash Tuesday in Temecula was remembered by coworkers as full of life and always positive.

Employees of the Gemological Institute of America said that Janet Genao was a well-known and respected accountant who had global responsibilities.

Co-workers also described her with words like beautiful and vibrant, and said she was always dressed to the nines.

Genao was killed just days shy of her two-year anniversary at GIA.

"It made everyone's day to see someone who was so positive about herself and about her work, and it's a tremendous loss so much for her family and friends, and we're somewhere in that chain somewhere," GIA's Director of Corporate Communications Stephen Morisseau said.

Morisseau said Genao, a mother of one, was the second co-worker they've lost this week. Her colleagues set up a GoFundMe page on her behalf.

Javier Caldera of Auburn, Washington, 25, was arrested on suspicion of DUI in connection with the crash, authorities said. Caldera was believed to be intoxicated, the CHP said.

Video from after the devastating crash shows him stumbling across a freeway median before collapsing in the grass.

The crash occurred on Interstate 15 a little before 7:30 a.m. near Rancho California Road, the Riverside County Fire Department and the California Highway Patrol said. At least five vehicles in all were involved, and one car went flying off the road and into the parking structure at Temecula City Hall.

A gray Chevy Silverado speeding on the freeway was seen in frightening surveillance video ramming into the back of a sedan, apparently not applying the brakes at all. Video from another driver's rearview camera shows the pickup swerve from the shoulder of the road, cutting across lanes at an alarming speed.

The victim's car was flattened by the impact, and another White Chevy Tahoe sustained major damage. 

Margarito Rivera said his 38-year-old son, Mike, suffered serious injuries in the wreck, when his white Chevy was rocketed off the freeway, and into the Temecula City Hall parking structure. 

"When you see his bloody nose, mouth ... my heart is broken," Rivera said after seeing his son's injuries. 

The father of five suffered broken ribs, and a fractured leg.

Two others managed to survive the crash without serious injuries. 

All lanes of the freeway were closed initially, but were later reopened.

Records illustrate disturbing details about the suspect's long criminal history in his home state of Washington. He was arrested several times — and twice for DUI, court records show. 

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