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Boy on Bicycle Dragged for Three Blocks by a Hit-and-Run Driver

The teenager was struck near the intersection of Maple Avenue and 36th Street, southwest of downtown LA, and dragged at least 1,500 feet

The bicycle and backpack of a 15-year-old boy were among the items left at the heartbreaking scene of a hit-and-run crash Tuesday night that left the victim hospitalized in critical condition.

Security camera video showed the boy leaving a corner market on the bicycle before the 9 p.m. crash in a neighborhood southwest of downtown Los Angeles. He was identified by his mother as 15-year-old Roberto Diaz, who went to the store to buy a soda. 

No arrests were reported. Roberto remained hospitalized Wednesday afternoon.

A preliminary investigation determined the teenager, the oldest of five children in the family, was struck near the intersection of Maple Avenue and 36th Street and dragged at least 1,500 feet. His body was lodged under the car, police said.

The boy was found at Martin Luther King Boulevard and Woodlawn Avenue. A detective at the scene said it was one of the worst hit-and-run crashes he has seen.

The driver blew through a stop sign before striking Roberto, police said. Security camera video shows the car turning right at the intersection before striking Roberto. A witness can be seen pointing at the crash, then running to the scene.

Witnesses said another boy on a bicycle tried to chase down the driver, who briefly remained at the scene, then fled in what police described as a blue Honda with tinted windows.

"I heard the crash," said Anthony Aracen. "I looked over and saw the bike in the air. I thought the car was stopping to look at him."

In a desperate attempt to help, Anthony used Roberto's cell phone to call the injured boy's mother. He was able to speak with Roberto to get his passcode for the phone. 

Anthony returned to the scene later Wednesday, saying he did not know Roberto but just wanted to help.

Another person in a car followed the driver, but lost sight of the Honda.

A detailed description of the driver and vehicle, possibly an Accord or Civic, were not immediately available.

This GoFundMe page for the family was provided by Los Angeles police.

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