Crash Occurs Within Feet of Memorial of 2014 Deadly Cajon Pass Wreck

A run-away big rig crash at a dangerous interchange in the Cajon Pass Tuesday had witnesses recalling a 2014 wreck that left two teens dead, in the same exact spot. 

Surveillance video from a nearby 76 gas station captured the moment a semi truck barreled through the stop sign on the southbound 15 Freeway off ramp to the 138 in San Bernardino. 

"As I came running out I saw the smoke and the debris," said Tammy, who didn't wish to be identified. She said the crash was so powerful that it shook her building, which is across the street.

"The impact caused the rear axle of the tractor to fly up into the air and come crashing down," she said. 

California Highway Patrol investigators say the semi truck was hauling a load of hay when it clipped an SUV, before slamming into the barriers outside a Shell gas station.

They also say the driver of the SUV was not seriously hurt. But the driver and a passenger in the big rig suffered serious injuries.

"The driver claims that he experienced some kind of brake failure and was unable to stop at the stop sign," said Officer Brian Alvarez.

In June 2014, CHP officers investigated a similar crash.

A cement truck barreled through the stop sign before landing on a PT Cruiser, killing two teenagers and injuring three others.

Tuesday's crash was within feet of a memorial for 18-year-old Nicole Lyle and 16-year-old John Cabrera Jr.

Caltrans officials said the 2014 deadly crash prompted a new project which will get underway in 2020.

They plan to extend the southbound off ramp, which is downhill, so drivers of heavy vehicles will have more distance to stop.

CHP officers also said the barriers outside the Shell gas station most likely did more than just stop the semi from leveling the building.

"I do think that possibly helped save lives," Alvarez said. 

The cause of the crash is still under investigation.

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