Crews Close to Fixing Busted Water Main Near UCLA

The new pipes are expected to be in service Saturday, but Sunset Boulevard will likely remain closed

Crews were working around the clock to repair a busted water main along Sunset Boulevard that caused flooding to the UCLA campus and surrounding streets earlier this week.

The pipeline was just about fixed on Saturday, but there is still a lot of work to be done before the boulevard is ready to be re-opened, said Jeff Bray, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power project superintendent.

New piping has been installed and crews were testing it with water inside, Bray said. On Saturday, it was operating at half the normal pressure and crews were planning on gradually increasing it overnight.

The road will be repaved once the repairs are made, Bray said.

“We’re doing everything we can to get this open as soon as possible,” Bray said.

Asked if it could happen in time for the Monday morning commute, Bray said, “Well, it would certainly be nice.”

The basketball court at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion was also being worked on Saturday. The wood sustained heavy damage in the flood, which was triggered Tuesday when the pipe ruptured and sent an estimated 20 million gallons of water rushing onto campus and surrounding areas.

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