Crews Repair 15-by-15 Foot Sinkhole on Riverside Roadway

A street in front of a Riverside high school was closed as crews were working to repair a 15-by-15 foot sinkhole that developed on a roadway after a water main broke and buckled a street Wednesday night.

A 10-inch water main, a cast-iron pipe installed in 1931, broke on the 1500 block of Third Street, near John W. North High School, according to Riverside Public Utilities officials.

Crews were working on the street earlier to repair the water main when they discovered the street began to buckle at around 9 p.m.

Third Street, from the 215 Freeway exit to Chicago Avenue, was closed as crews were working to fill in the 9-foot-deep sinkhole, a process that could take nearly all day.

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