Los Angeles

Crowd Gathers in Street After Police Traffic Stop and Fatal Shooting

A deadly shooting and a felony traffic stop within a block of each other caused tension among residents and police officers Friday night in a neighborhood where an 18-year-old was fatally shot by police earlier this month.

Police got into a brief shoving match with lookiloos in a street in South Los Angeles after a traffic stop. Police ordered several suspected burglars out of a car at 108th Street and Western Avenue when a group of people approached.

Police pushed citizens away from the scene and dozens of police cars converged on the scene.

The traffic stop happened about a block away from the scene of a shooting at West 107th Street that left one person dead and wounded a second person. That person's condition was not immediately known.

"I'm just tired of this killing right now," said Valerie Girvan, who tentatively identified the man who died as her 19-year-old son.

Family also believed that he was shot by gang members, but said he was not a part of a gang.

Information about the shooter was not immediately available.

The shooting happened near where police shot and killed Carnell Snell Jr., 18, Oct. 1. That killing prompted angry protests. Beck took the unusual step of publicly disclosing video showing Snell holding the gun.

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