Los Angeles

Nearly 8K Anti-Trump Protesters March Peacefully Through Downtown LA

Protesters marched through the streets holding signs and chanting phrases including "not my president."

About 8,000 people marched peacefully through downtown Los Angeles Saturday morning to protest the election of Donald J. Trump as president.

The protesters made their way through the streets holding signs and chanting phrases including "not my president," and "we reject the president-elect."

People gathered in MacArthur Park in the Westlake neighborhood of Los Angeles around 10 a.m., and planned to march through downtown Los Angeles to the U.S. Federal Building.

Around 8,000 marched through downtown Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. No arrests had been made around 12:30 p.m. 

Later around 3 p.m., about 1,100 people had stayed in the downtown area where they continued to "express their freedom of speech and assembly peacefully," read a tweet from the Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters. 

Police said Saturday morning they anticipated 10,000 people would march through the city. 

Some 15,000 people said they were attending the march on a Facebook event created for the protest.

This rally came on the fourth day of protests since the presidential election Tuesday, as people expressed their discontent for President-elect Trump in major cities across the U.S.

Crowds of 3,000 marched through downtown Los Angeles Friday night, and 187 people were arrested.

"The LAPD will continue to provide the necessary resources to ensure the safe and peaceful expression of opinions," the Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement Saturday morning. "When demonstrators begin to violate the law and create unsafe conditions for the demonstrators, officers, and the public, Department personnel will continue to take appropriate enforcement action."

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