Street Takeover

Dangerous, Wild Street Takeover Caught on Camera

Several cars were seen circling around the interactions of South Los Angeles, sending thick smoke in the air and leaving behind tire marks on the streets.

NBCUniversal Media, LLC

A South LA neighborhood experienced a wild, noisy street takeover early Monday morning.

RMG News captured the dangerous moments of several cars rapidly sprawling around multiple roads, including the intersection of San Pedro Street and Main Street.

Some of the passengers were seen hanging outside the moving cars and waving at the crowd.

Video footage also showed some of the cars crashing into one another as the drivers of the dangerously rotating cars lost control.

Dozens of spectators appeared to have attended the illegal street takeover. Some of them ran toward the collision while others got alarmingly close to the hurtling vehicles to take pictures and videos.  

The Los Angeles Police Department said its officers responded to the scene after receiving the reports of the street takeover, but drivers and spectators were gone by the time officers arrived at the scene.

No arrest was made.

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