Father's Day

Dashcam Captures a Confrontation Between SUV Driver and Motorcyclists

A father says he was with his family on his way to a Father's Day picnic in Trabuco Canyon when a group of motorcyclists blocked the road and appeared to be enraged, with the interaction caught on dashcam video.

Lee Vogel says he was making a right turn, and he was certain the motorcyclists saw him. He believed he had the right of way, but in the video, it appears that both sides thought they had the right of way.

Vogel says he always has his dashcam on.

As he attempted to go around the motorcyclists, one motorcyclist blocks the vehicle and gestures obsenely at him before punching the hood of Vogel's car.

"She pounds my hood first...and then she punches my light," Vogel says.

Vogel says his girlfriend and their 6-year-old daughter were in the car with him.

"Hey, hey, my kid is in here," Vogel can be heard saying.

Vogel says he was trying to leave to get to safety.

"My daughter was getting extremely scared," the father says. "It was one of those moments where a lot of people are surrounding your vehicle at once. And you're really not sure what’s about to happen next."

Vogel says it started after he turned right onto El Toro Road, just as the motorcyclists were merging on from Cook's Corner Bar. Vogel honks, and that's when the stop-and-go between them began.

At one point, Vogel's car appears to tap the motorcycle, which only escalates the situation.

"I was unable to move my vehicle, and the entire time, she's screaming at me to move," Vogel says.

The father says he's not sure he'll press charges. For now, he's just grateful his family is safe.

Vogel says, "Dashcams exist you can't get away with things like that. You can't intimidate people just because you ride something loud on two wheels."

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