Detectives ID Man in Murder, Call On His Family To Help Turn Him in

The 911 call the night of the murder set into motion the investigation that eight years later would remain open.

"Someone's been shot can you please hurry up?" is the scream from the caller, "someone's been shot in front of the house!"

Nancy Casas was already in bed that night, May 3, 2009. She awoke to the sounds outside.

"I heard the shots but I never thought it was going to be my brother," she says.

Carlos Casas was 24 years old. LAPD Detectives say someone lured him outside that night, had a brief conversation with him, then fired multiple shots.

"My mom," Nancy recalls. "I just started hearing 'my son, my son, 'he got shot.'"

Nancy was just a child then. She says she saw her older brother as a provider for the family.

"He was more like my father," she says. "He used to take care of us."

She says Carlos stepped in as the head of household for their family and their mother, a single mom to five.

"He was the one that used to always fix meals for us, get us ready for school," she remembers.

The shooting happened on 103rd Street, just across the street from Jordan High School and a block from the Jordan Downs Housing Project.

Police say they know a number of gangs that claim the area and they hope people are talking about the shooting even so many years later. But more than anything, LAPD South Bureau Criminal Gang Homicide Detective Mario Aguilar, the lead detective on the cold case, says he hopes the family of the shooter will step up and do the right thing.

Aguilar says he believes it was Pablo Munoz, a former classmate of Carlos, who killed him that night. But Munoz, Aguilar says, has since been hiding in Mexico.

"We know that he comes from a good family. Our hope is for those family members to reach out to him," he says, adding that the LAPD has a warrant out for the arrest of Munoz.

For Nancy, she was afraid her brother's murder would be forgotten because of his own gang affiliations.

"I feel like sometimes people don't care," she says, but points to the kind heart she knew he had based on how he worked to make sure his siblings didn't follow in his footsteps.

"He wanted me to become something," she says. "He was the one always motivating us, telling us I know you can do it, I know you can be someone."

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact LAPD South Bureau Detectives at 323-786-5113 or CrimeStoppers for anonymous tips to 1-888-222-TIPS (8477).

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