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Did You Know? Lynette Romero Talks About How She Survived a Helicopter Crash

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Lynette Romero survived a helicopter crash in the Colorado mountains in the 1990s.

Her story was covered by a documentary.

Romero was an anchor and reporter with KUSA when she was covering a story the news helicopter, Sky 9. It had engine trouble and went down on Pikes Peak, a summit in Colorado.

The pilot who successfully maneuvered the plane amid the emergency was a former Vietnam war pilot.

"We all walked away," Romero said on Today in LA. "You never know what you're going to be covering one day, and the dangers of what we have to do."

Romero recalled being rescued off Pikes Peak, and seeing her mother -- all on a live broadcast on KUSA.

"I could hear my mom crying, you know that wail that Latina moms do -- I can still hear it," Romero said.

She has never flown in a helicopter again -- aside from when they airlifted her out.

She said she used to have nightmares about the crash that would turn into roller coasters, and gave her a fear of riding those.

But since then, she's conquered her fear.

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