Disneyland Monorail Stuck for Hour

What was supposed to be a 13-minute ride turned into a 50-minute standstill Tuesday after the monorail at Disneyland was stalled and had to be towed back to the station.

A mechanical issue occurred at 5 p.m., Disneyland spokeswoman Suzi Brown said.

Riders were stuck for about 50 minutes and had to be towed back, Brown said.

No one was aboard the train that was affected by mechanical issues.

The monorail, which whisks riders along a 2.5-mile route, was not operating as of 6 p.m. while crews worked to fix the mechanical problems.

The monorail, dubbed the "Highway in the Sky" on Disneyland's site, parallels Harbor Boulevard, passing Fantasyland, taking passengers from Downtown Disney to Tomorrowland in the park.

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