Disney Workers Need Help to Find Autistic Owner of Lost Pin Lanyard

After finding the lanyard and note indicating the owner was autistic during a recent event, workers came together to fill it with pins as requested. Now they need help to find the rightful owner.

In the world of avid Disney fans, pin release days are as big as any, and for one collector who attended the latest event, an accidental loss may turn out to be of huge gain, if he or she can be found.

At a Disneyland pin release in Anaheim Thursday, March 24, a worker came upon a misplaced lanyard that had a couple of pins attached to it. It also had a note that read "Hello, I am autistic and I don't talk much but I would like to trade for Mickey pins."

Disney employee Emily Gibby found the lanyard and decided to fill it with 11 more Disney pins. She then posted a picture to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook asking for help to find the unknown Disney fan.

"We did what any Cast Member would naturally do," Gibby said in her post. "We filled up his lanyard with Mickey pins and got him a Mickey medallion as well!"

Gibby asked people to share the post and get the word out so that they could find the owner.

As of Friday afternoon, the post had been shared more than 10,000 times on Facebook and the hashtag #theredlanyard showed over 50 people had regrammed the original post on Instagram. 

In her Instagram post, Gibby shared a few clues. She said employees had learned there reportedly a group of kids with similar lanyards at the event, and one tip said they may have been from a Boys & Girls Club.

A Disney spokeswoman said that if anyone has any information or would like to claim the lanyard, they can call lost and found at 714-817-2166.

Gibby said in her posts they can also reach out to her directly on Instagram or Facebook.

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Alright Friends I need your help! Thursday morning during the pin release I was working, we found this red lanyard with...

Posted by Emily Fuller Gibby on Saturday, March 26, 2016
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