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DMV Makes ‘Significant Progress' Getting Most Locations Back Online

The vast majority of Department of Motor Vehicles offices in Southern California were open for business again Thursday, following a computer outage that knocked out service since Monday, but several local offices were still affected.

DMV officials said repair crews made "significant progress overnight" getting offices back online.

"Our staff has been working around the clock to correct this computer hardware failure, which was caused by the loss of several hard discs in a primary and backup system," a spokesperson for the DMV said in a statement. "The DMV system was not compromised by any outside entity."

Over a dozen offices statewide were still out of service. Local offices still affected included Inglewood, Los Angeles Metro Business Service Center, Fontana Commercial Driving Test Center, Redlands, and the Winnetka Industry Business Center.

The office in Compton was one of the offices affected Thursday morning, but was back up and running later in the day.

Most of the residents who arrived at the Compton office Thursday came because it was not initially on the list of affected offices.

Yet, minutes after lining up, people were told the office would not be able to fully process any documents because their printers were affected by the glitch. The office was only able to complete appointments for driving tests.

Customers were redirected to other offices in the area, but many were frustrated the office was not up and running.

"You come in with a plan ... I expect to be at the DMV a certain amount of time, so at the end of the day ... I'm there a couple hours extra, it throws off my whole schedule," said Luis Ceja, one customer at the Compton office.

Updates about local offices were being updated constantly on the DMV's website and social media accounts Thursday, according to the DMV. They believed all offices would be back up and running by the end of the day Thursday.

Annette Arreola contributed to this report.

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