DNA Left on Ax Led Police to Burglary Suspect

While searching a residence, police found no firearms but seized computers that are scheduled to be examined by investigators

Police tracked down a suspected home burglar from DNA off an ax found at the scene of a break-in last year, authorities said Friday.

Matthew Pickering, 28, was arrested in connection with the theft of five firearms from a Covina home in December.

He allegedly used an ax to break in, police said.

That ax was recovered from the home and a crime lab made the DNA connection to the suspect, police said in a statement.

During the arrest, police got into a standoff with the suspect Thursday at his Lake Elsinore home, police said.

A search turned up no firearms, authorities said. 

Pickering was booked into in jail on charges of residential burglary and resisting or delaying officers.

Police are asking anyone with information about the stolen firearms to call 626-384-5616.

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