Dog Found Badly Abused in Long Beach, Reward Offered

A Good Samaritan found a dog, near death and stuffed inside a trash bag in a dumpster in Long Beach in appalling condition, with rescuers now offering a reward to find the person or people responsible.

Rescuers called it the worst case of animal abuse they've ever seen. The people who rushed the dog to the hospital initially offerred a $1,000 reward for any information, but that reward had increased to $11,000 by Tuesday thanks to $10,000 offered by JustFoodForDogs. By Wednesday, the reward had grown to $13,000.

The rescuers say the dog was in such poor condition that, at times, they weren't sure she was alive. New video from inside an incubator shows Chloe can hardly lift her head up. Her tiny body was limp from fractures to her skull and spine, along with a broken leg.

The broken leg turned out to be an older injury, which could be a sign of ongoing abuse.

"She would have died within three hours if the Good Samaritan had not found her," Diana Kliche, a rescuer, says.

Rescuers rushed the one year old terrier-poodle mix to Long Beach Emergency Hospital Saturday afternoon after a passerby found the pooch in a dumpster on Walnut Avenue.

"It was one of the worst cases of abuse I've ever seen," Kliche said. "She smelled, which we found out later was human urine. She had pieces of food --ham, spaghetti -- stuck to her fur."

Kliche added, "I'm just devastated and heartbroken that someone would do this."

Unfortunately, there don't appear to be any security cameras in the alley where Chloe was found. Long Beach Animal Care Services confirms it is investigating the incident and is asking anyone who saw anything to give them a call.

"I'm very hopeful they find the person and they're prosecuted to the full extent," Kliche said.

A private investigator has also been hired to help find the person or people responsible, according to Kliche.

For anyone interested in adopting Chloe, the pup will be nursing injuries for at least three months and will only be available for adoption after that time. In addition, Kliche says a foster family is ready to take care of her.

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