Dog Owner Desperate to Find Dog After Crash

After being rear-ended by a car on the 60 freeway, a pet owner is searching frantically to find his missing dog

On early Wednesday morning, Jason Alvarez was involved in a dangerous car accident that left his car totaled. The dangerous hit-and-run incident spun Alvarez's car and shattered two of his windows.

He's lucky to have survived the crash with only minor cuts and bruises, but Alvarez's primary concern at the moment doesn't appear to be the state of his vehicle.

Instead, Alvarez is frantic about the whereabouts of his missing dog, Panda. Alvarez isn't sure if Panda was ejected from the vehicle or fled out of fear.

When the crash occurred, Alvarez had both his dogs, Panda and Griz, with him. The two pets are Shepard and border collie mixes from the same litter. After he regained his senses following the crash, Alvarez noticed that Griz was still present but Panda had disappeared.

So, Alvarez did what any animal owner would do. He began canvassing the area. Friends joined the search party and helped contact several animal shelters and put up fliers.

Working tirelessly through the moring and into the day, Alvarez remains optimistic that he'll be reunited with Panda.

If anyone has information about the missing pet, please contact Jason at 530-386-1910

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