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Dog Rescued From Coyote's Mouth Now Up For Adoption

After 6 months of quarantine, Divot is ready to find her forever home.

Divot, a long-haired chihuahua mix named after the marks left by clubs on the golf course, has quite a story to tell about how she got her name.

It begins at the Griffith Park golf course.

“We were just about to tee up to the last hole when a coyote came running down. We didn't know what it had in it's mouth,” said Christopher Nelson, 12.

What it had in it's mouth was Divot. Another golfer took cell phone video of the coyote as Christopher and his mother tried to get it to drop the dog and leave by throwing golf balls and pine cones.

Despite neck wounds, Divot was still breathing, so they rushed her to a nearby animal hospital.

"I think Divot is extremely lucky and I am so happy they found her and rescued her because if they hadn't thrown those golf balls and golf clubs and got that coyote to go away, she wouldn't have made it," said veterinarian Dr. Annie Harvilicz.

Harvilicz is with the Animal Wellness Foundation in Marina del Rey, which took over Divot's care when they realized she needed to be quarantined for six months to check for signs of rabies.

“When she started with us she was extremely scared. I think she was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Any time we would pick her up she would cry out. Sometimes she would scream," Harvilicz said.

Now, six months and $6,000 later, she's ready for adoption.

Divot is believed to be about 4 years old and her caretakers say she'll do well in any household. She gets along with other dogs and with children.

“She's incredibly sweet. She's an adorable dog. Everyone loves her. All she wants to do is cuddle and sit on someone's lap and give kisses," Harvilicz said.

For more information on Divot or to contribute to the Animal Wellness Foundation, which funded her recovery, visit their website

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