Dog Taken on Surveillance Footage Found in Valley Glen

A dog was found safe Sunday after the owners said he was stolen in a struggle captured on surveillance footage.

Micky's family was offering a reward for the safe return of the pooch after it was taken from their Valley Glen home on Saturday.

Surveillance video shows a woman walk into the gated front yard on Erwin St. in Van Nuys around 6:45 p.m.

The white Maltese named Micky can be seen resisting the stranger's attempt to scoop him up, but the woman eventually grabs hold of the dog and takes him. The footage then shows the woman walking away eastbound with another unknown female, according to a police report.

The 10-year-old pooch was wearing a blue harness at the time he was taken, his owner Lucy Gureghian said.

"We just want our dog back," she said as she pleaded for the public's help in finding Micky. "I can't go another day without him."

The family also filed a police report with the Van Nuys Police Department. On Easter Sunday, Gureghian's brother Sahag was busy checking shelters before neighbors down the street found the dog.

"We won't press any charges," Gureghian said. "Just bring him back…He's part of the family."

The family said that no on was arrested in connection with the dog's disappearance.

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