WATCH: After Whale Encounter, Paddleboarder's “Blissful” Trip With Dolphins

Some paddleboarders have all the luck.

Just a month after a close encounter with a couple of killer whales, Rich German got to paddle alongside some other ocean dwellers — two dolphins lazing alongside German's standup paddleboard off the coast of Laguna Beach.

The moment was "totally peaceful, blissful," German said in an email.

He got the close-up show on Wednesday — which he said isn't rare — not far from where he came across the whales in early January, said German, who shared the footage with NBC4.

There appear to be two dolphins, which surface and dive next to the board and leading German alongside kelp beds — one seemingly shoots a rainbow out its blowspout.

"My hope is that one day we will have zero marine animals in captivity and all animals will live free like these dolphins," German said.

See the full video on German's Facebook page.

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