Double Murder in South LA Remains Unsolved

The heartache that's become all too common for families in South Los Angeles sticks with the Greene family nearly three years after a gruesome double-homicide on a busy Century Boulevard.

"I miss him everyday," says Tiffany Lejohn, mother to one of Corey Greene's daughters, who says to the killer. "How can you sleep? How can you kiss your mother and tell your mother you love her and mean it?"

Greene, 47, was visiting with with 40-year-old Aurelius Haywood on a front porch after work in the afternoon of August 26, 2015 when LAPD South Bureau Homicide detectives say a young man walked up to the gate and fired a barrage of bullets.

"On a hot summer day when many people were outside and we have minimal witnesses," says Detective Peter McCoy. "During that time of year going through LA was the Hundred Days Hundred Nights, so a lot of shootings, a lot of killings were happening. A lot of different gangs taking responsibility for these shootings."

McCoy calls it frustrating that so few people have come forward with information. That frustration holds true for Haywood's family, too. "I just don't get this, this violence, this killing, it's stupid," says Lekeisha Terrell, Haywood's sister, "it's really stupid."

But while witnesses aren't willing to come forward yet, Greene's family says they felt compelled to do so - through their tears - to show the community what this double murder has done to these families.

"I'm very angry, it sits with me every day, it never left," says Tacori Greene, the oldest of two daughters left behind. "He has a family, he's not just a regular human being, he has family out here, he has two daughters who love him a lot."

And while time continues to pass, LAPD says the case should already be closed. With so many people standing by the day it happened, they question what it will take for those who know the shooter to come forward - if not for justice's sake, than for these two grieving families.

"She has to go through life without her father. That's heartbreaking, it hurts" Lejohn says through tears. "How can you sleep at night knowing what your soul has to face?"

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Peter McCoy at LAPD South Bureau Homicide at 323-786-5113. Callers can also report what they know anonymously.

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