LA County

Investigation Launched After Starved Dogs Found at Llano Property

Authorities launched an animal abuse investigation after starving dogs without food or water were discovered at a property Tuesday in Llano.

Elizabeth Brown, who lives about a mile away from the property, said a chocolate Labrador and a German Shepherd arrived at her house Monday looking for food.

"They just scarfed 'em down," Brown said. "They were starving."

When the pair showed up again Tuesday morning, Brown took the dogs to Palmdale Animal Control and notified authorities.

Animal Control authorities and sheriff's deputies seized an undisclosed amount of dogs from the ten-acre property. Mat Wallace said he even saw around three to four dead dogs on the property.

"The others were so skinny, it was unbelievable," he said.

The dogs were found alone on the property. LA County Animal Control said it could not disclose more details about the owner and the exact number of dogs discovered due to the ongoing investigation. 

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