San Bernardino

Driver on Phone With Police Killed After Smashing Into Wall

A speeding driver who was killed when she lost control of her car and smashed into a wall had been on the phone with police to report that another driver had nearly run her off the road, police said.

Rachel Welch, 38, was driving down E Street in San Bernardino about 11:20 p.m. Monday when her Chevrolet Lumina veered into opposite lanes, rolled over and slammed into a wall near Eighth Street, sparking a small fire, according to the San Bernardino Police Department.

Welch may not have been wearing her seat belt, police said. She died at the scene.

Welch, of Westminster, was on the phone with a police dispatcher at the time of the crash, police said. She reported that a truck speeding south on E Street from 16th Street nearly forced her off the road. Police believe Welch was attempting to catch up to the truck before she lost control of her own car.

"She did not have the license plate of that vehicle and was following the vehicle probably in an attempt to catch up to it," said San Bernardino Police Department spokeswoman Vicki Cervantes.

Investigators said they wanted to talk with the truck driver.

Anyone with information was asked to call San Bernardino police at 909-384-5664.

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