Ducklings Rescued After Traversing Traffic, Falling Into Storm Drain

The ducklings crossed a busy boulevard safely after traffic stopped, but more trouble was about to befall them.

Costa Mesa firefighters came to the rescue of ducklings trapped in a storm drain and reunited them with their mother.

It was a treacherous ordeal, but with the help of firefighters, 10 ducklings were rescued from a storm drain and reunited with their anxious mother duck Wednesday.

The commotion started when courteous drivers stopped traffic to let the mother and her ducklings cross near the 405 Freeway at Harbor Boulevard.

Bad luck struck, however, as the ducklings scurried along the road and accidentally went tumbling into a storm drain.

The mama duck was agitated as she struggled to help, but was unable to get them out. She hung around until the heroes arrived to help rescue her precious, fuzzy babes.

Costa Mesa firefighters plucked them out of the storm drain one by one and placed them in a black garbage bag until they could all be reunited with mom.

The ducklings and mama were reunited on solid ground, and they went on their merry way.

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