Financial Aid Offered to Repair Houses in Case of Earthquakes

There are $13.2 million available to help reinforce foundations of your house.

If you are a homeowner and think that your home needs repairs in case of an earthquake, there’s a program called the "Earthquake Brace + Bolt" (EBB) that offers affordable assistance to homes in need.

David Beilfuss told Telemundo 52 that the most important thing for him is the safety of his family both inside and outside his house, so last year, he opted to invest in seismic retrofit to ensure that his home will be structurally sound in case of an earthquake.

EBB offers up to $3,000 in grants if you live in an area of high risk from earthquake damage.

Pamela Diaz, the spokeswoman for the EBB program, said that applicants must meet the following requirements to receive aid.

  • The house is located in an eligible zip code.
  • The house was constructed before 1980.
  • The house has to have an elevated foundation.
  • They are the owner of the house and live there.

This year, there are $13.2 million dollars available to help reinforce home foundations, and registration for the program begins on Feb. 19. For more information, visit to determine your eligibility.

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