Crime-Busters Bust a Move: El Segundo Police Department Does the Lip Sync Challenge

Police are busting bad guys and a move. 

Police officers throughout the country have been showing off their moves and mouthing along to their favorite hits recently using the hashtag #LipSyncChallenge. El Segundo police got in on the action Wednesday with a video posted to their Facebook.

The first part of the clip shows an officer pulling double duty, also taking part in the even more popular #InMyFeelingsChallenge. That challenge requires a funky, exaggerated dance to the recent Drake hit "In My Feelings" that acts out part of the song's lyrics.

Several celebrities and athletes have joined in on the #InMyFeelingsChallenge, including Russell Wilson, Ciara, Kevin Hart, James Harden and Meek Mill.

The second part shows two more officers turning back the clock with the Beatles' "Help." One officer stands outside a police cruiser strumming on his guitar while another, who appears to have his hands zip-tied, dances along inside the vehicle. The officer in the cruiser even tapes his mouth shut at one point.

El Segundo police has also challenged its counterparts in the Manhattan Beach, Torrance, Covina and West Covina Police Departments. 

For more of the El Segundo Police Department's videos, check out their Instagram @elsegundopd. To see more law enforcement officers show off their lip sync skills, search #LipSyncChallenge on Facebook.

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