Baby Elephant Coats Designed in LA, Will Help Poaching Victims in Africa

A Celebrity Fashion Designer is Taking Her Creations from Hollywoods Red Carpets, To The Plains of Africa.

At this very moment, elephants are fighting for their survival. Despite a 1989 ban on international ivory sales, the illegal trade of ivory is now bigger than ever before - and still expanding. 

Celebrity fashion designer, Dalia MacPhee, has designed a coat for orphaned baby elephants. According to her client, actress Shannon Elizabeth (who started the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation to help elephants and rhinos who are victims of poaching) Macphee's designs could be a game changer for the work Elizabeth is doing in South Africa.

This isn't Macphee's first non-human design, she previously created a fire retardant horse coat implanted with GPS-tracking technology, during the Woolsey Fire of 2018.

World Elephant Day occurs annually in August to bring attention to the plight of elephants in Asia and Africa. 

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