Nicholas Lee

Engineering Firm Hired to Study Deadly Beverly Hills Road

Two LAPD officers died in separate crashes in 2014 on Loma Vista Road in Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills City Council has hired an engineering firm to take a close look at a deadly mountain road that claimed the lives of two LAPD officers.

Both crashes happened when their patrol cars collided with large construction trucks.

People who live in the area say Loma Vista is a constant safety hazard.

Some of the early recommendations include re-routing large trucks and a new permit system for construction projects.

Ernest Allen, a veteran LAPD detective, was killed on the road when the truck he was driving was hit by a cement truck on May 9.

The site of that crash was about 25 yards away from where LAPD Officer Nicholas Lee was killed March 7.

He and his partner were responding to an emergency call when their car was hit by a dump truck.


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