Orange County

Capistrano Beach in Seal Beach Battered by Erosion

"The boardwalk is falling into the sea."

Beautiful Capistrano Beach has seemingly always been a tourist attraction in Orange County, but now, it's garnering attention for a different reason.

A recent storm caused heavy beach erosion on the coastline, leaving behind a battered wooden walkway, a basketball court surrounded by caution tape, broken slabs of concrete and wilting palm trees.

Orange County resident Cindi Aldereti took pictures of what almost looks like wreckage from a ship.

"The boardwalk is falling into the sea," she said.

Heavy rain and high tides punched the shore, bending the stairway and twisting light poles along Beach Road.

"There's a storm this week, and it didn't surprise me that the surf is big; I just didn't expect it to do something like this," said Erik Bryner, a surfer at Dana Point. "Obviously mother nature is up in turmoil."

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