‘Everyday Heroes' Honored for Saving Friend's Life

A pair of friends quickly took action to save another friend who had collapsed on the basketball court

A pair of friends was forced to take quick action when a life-or death situation presented itself as they were playing a game of basketball.

Heath Patton, Dylan Stevenson and Greg Stefani were enjoying a game of pick-up basketball at the Calabasas Community Center when Stefani suddenly collapsed. Patton and Stevenson had to think quickly, administering CPR and grabbing an automatic defibrillator to jump-start Stefani's heart.

Stefani was able to thank his friends at a Los Angeles County Fire Department ceremony honoring good Samaritans. "You guys stepped forward, and not everyone stepped forward in life," he said as his friends and saviors stood by his side. "That's huge."

While the LAFD honored them as heroes, Patton and Stevenson said they were just doing what needed to be done to save their friend. "If you do see something like this going on, don't be the person who just stands by and looks on. Make sure everything is being handled," Stevenson said.

The LAFD says people can learn from the actions of Patton and Stevenson and prevent a tragedy by learning CPR. The county offers classes several times a year, which could one day help to save a life.

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